The Villalobos Brothers in concert with GCTYO

At the Fall 2023 concert, Principal Orchestra performed the world premiere of “Desierto,” the first movement of a three part symphonic poem entitled “Suite Inmigrante” for orchestra, mixed choir, and children’s choir, composed by Luis Villalobos. The piece was performed with the Grammy award winning Villalobos Brothers and INTEMPO Youth Choir.

“Desierto” tells the story, in Spanish and English, of the journeys of Latin American and African immigrants who cross deserts in search of better lives in other countries.

Another piece on the combined program was the Grammy winning song, “El Pijul.” Half of “El Pijul” is all original music composed by Luis Villalobos. The rest of the piece is arranged from a traditional song from Veracruz, Mexico in the “Son Jarocho” style, which is traditionally performed with Jarana guitars, Requinto, and voice. 

Standing ovation followed! WATCH & HEAR recordings from the concert on the GCTYO YouTube Channel.