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Be prepared to SOAR with Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestra’s 100-piece Principal Orchestra as they accompany the aerialists, contortionists, jesters, dancers, and strongmen of Cirque de la Symphonie! You’ll be flying high after this exciting concert! Click on program cover to see full concert program.

    Special thanks to R.D. Scinto, Inc., People’s United Bank, Datto, Inc., and WSHU Public Radio for concert support.  

Picture an aerialist flying out over the audience, acrobats suspended from silk fabric, the wizardry of jugglers and magicians, the strength and flexibility of the strongmen and contortionist.
Now picture this in a concert hall as you are surrounded by the sounds of a live orchestra on stage.
This is what audiences experienced at the GCTYO premiere of “Cirque de la Symphonie” on Saturday, Feb. 29 at 7 pm at the historic The Klein in Bridgeport. GCTYO performed the show again the next day on Sunday, Mar. 1 at 5 pm.
“Cirque de la Symphonie” is a unique and exciting production designed to bring the magic of cirque to the music hall. It is an elegant fusion of cirque and orchestra, adapting the stunning performances of cirque artists with the majesty of the full symphony orchestra.
Cirque artists shared the stage with the Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestras’ 100-piece Principal Orchestra in front of — and sometimes above — the musicians, with choreography that perfectly matched each musical arrangement. The cirque feats contributed to the spirited performance of the orchestra, providing a visual enhancement to the magnificence of a live symphony concert.
Specifically selected for this concert were pieces by Dvorak, Bizet, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, and others, including John Williams’ “Superman” and Zimmer’s “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
“This is the ultimate concert to introduce young people to orchestral music,” said GCTYO Music Director Christopher Hisey.
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