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Board of Directors 2019-20 Season

Sara Seaburg

Collaborative Research, Inc.
Director since 2017

Brian Campbell

First Vice President
Director since 2018

Ramin Ganeshram

Westport Historical Society
Second Vice President
Director since 2018

Frederic Nangle

MTA Metro-North Railroad
Director since 2016

John Ji

Pfizer, Inc.
Director since 2018

Marcie Berson

Yellow Box Company
Director since 2019

Nicole Chiravuri

Sacred Heart University
Director since 2019

Stacy Greiss

Director since 2019

Norman Heusser

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
Director since 2018

Linying Ma

SS&C Technologies
Director since 2019

Padmaja Srinivasan

Director since 2019

Christopher Hisey

Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestras
Music Director
Director Ex-Officio since 2008
GCTYO Alumnus

Beth Ulman

Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestras
Executive Director
Director Ex-Officio since 2015


Adult members interested in serving on the GCTYO Board are invited to contact GCTYO Board President, Sara Seaburg for more information about duties and work schedule of the Board. Email president[at]gctyo[dot]org.


How to get involved

GCTYO’s inclusive and community-based philosophy extends to the Board of Directors. Involvement at all levels is welcome and appreciated. Please contact our Board President at president[at]gctyo[dot]org to learn more about how you can support our efforts to maintain high-level and developmentally appropriate programming for our musicians and contribute to the cultural climate in our area.